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Ben Master Timeline


March, 2009: Mexico City November 2009: Ben/Zak to NYC (Apple Developer Conference) August, 2009: Ben and Zak to California / Vegas January, 2011: Silchar, Fixed Lanes July, 2011: NaTrip Officials to Akron March, 2012: Hong Kong July 2012: NYC (Tom Kenyon) November, 2012: Guangzhou (via Hong Kong), Macau December 2012: Incheon (?) December 2012: Victoria,

Nicolas Constantinidis


Internationally Renowned Concert Pianist 35 Foreign Tours: 7 to Asia, 23 to Europe, 5 to South America International Critical Comments Amsterdam De Tijd …musically sensitive music-making… staggering touch certainty… The London Times …moulded phrases with infinite care… an attractive dolce tone… DER TAGES SPEIGEL, Berlin Germany Constantinidis was…impressive as a virtuoso interpreter…a brilliant player. UNSER SCHAFFEN, Vienna Austria A brilliant

Web Programming


These days it seems like all programming is about creating web-apps! For a long time, I sort of resisted this tend, and I tended to think of user-interface-related work as “beneath” me; I was more interested in lower-level type programming for sure. Recently, however, I started to study how modern web browsers work, and I

Form follows function


Abstract This blog post documents the creation of a simple “web-app” for viewing articles from simple.wikipedia and en.wikipedia side-by-side, and expounds on the importance of a “do-it-yourself”-attitude and a “minimalistic-mindset” to the programmer. The finished product described here can be seen at the following URL: https://kundalinisoftware.com/io/wikicompare.html Form Follows Function The phrase “form follows function” comes

gross, rude, uncalled-for and stupid


topsy turvy, upside down, inside out, and backwords. beaten up, broken down, undernourished, and over fed. overweight, out of shape, unaware? don’t care! head down, eyes closed, over worked, and underpaid. manipulated, lied to, used, abused, and discarded. It all just seems so gross, rude, uncalled-for and stupid.