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Ben Master Timeline


March, 2009: Mexico City November 2009: Ben/Zak to NYC (Apple Developer Conference) August, 2009: Ben and Zak to California / Vegas January, 2011: Silchar, Fixed Lanes July, 2011: NaTrip Officials to Akron March, 2012: Hong Kong July 2012: NYC (Tom Kenyon) November, 2012: Guangzhou (via Hong Kong), Macau December 2012: Incheon (?) December 2012: Victoria,

Nicolas Constantinidis


Internationally Renowned Concert Pianist 35 Foreign Tours: 7 to Asia, 23 to Europe, 5 to South America International Critical Comments Amsterdam De Tijd …musically sensitive music-making… staggering touch certainty… The London Times …moulded phrases with infinite care… an attractive dolce tone… DER TAGES SPEIGEL, Berlin Germany Constantinidis was…impressive as a virtuoso interpreter…a brilliant player. UNSER SCHAFFEN, Vienna Austria A brilliant

Web Programming


These days it seems like all programming is about creating web-apps! For a long time, I sort of resisted this tend, and I tended to think of user-interface-related work as “beneath” me; I was more interested in lower-level type programming for sure. Recently, however, I started to study how modern web browsers work, and I