Alma Deutscher

Anna Deutscher is one of my favorite composers and musicians. I discovered her via YouTube somehow, and think her compositions are amazing. In some of her clips, she describes her creative process, which mostly involves stuff like “swinging a jump-rope over her head” to discover melodies. Because she is so young, I think connecting to the Fabric of Consciousness comes naturally to her.

The amazing clip below shows her improving music based on a random theme given to her. I think this video clip illustrates the nature of Kundalini Flow: it is not just that she is discovering beautiful melodies that are present in higher consciousness, it is more like she is letting the creative energy that creates the cosmos just flow through her.

This is an awe-inspiring clip.

Take Aways:

  • You can clearly see the bodily ego the guy interviewing her; he is obviously sort of ‘faking’ his reactions
  • notice how authentic Alma is; she is an example of someone whose bodily ego and spiritual ego are in harmony. In such a state, there is no need to fake anything! Plus you get to be a genius and have fun while doing it.