Hello and welcome to my website.

I am a life-long lover of classical music, and I had the privilege of studying music with the concert pianist Nicholas Constantinidis.

This website is part of my creative process, a reflection of my belief that creativity is inherent to each person’s nature, but which at the same time is something that must be developed through consistent practice.

Mostly I blog about the piano, self-actualization, ambidexterity, yoga, travel, and software development.

My site is infused throughout with the spirit of the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-sabi: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. Therefore, don’t expect perfection (or even flashy content) here! Instead, it is my hope that you will appreciate the authentic simplicity of my sharing, and perhaps be inspired to find increased creativity in your own life.

Thanks for visiting; please have a nice day.