Hello, I am Ben. Welcome to my website.

I am a proud father and husband, first and foremost! But on my website, you can learn a lot more about me.

I am an open source software developer, athlete, musician, and yoga lover. Currently, I am pursuing an online undergraduate Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education from Western Governor’s University. The reason? I want to be become a teacher so that I can give back to the world!

Additionally, I am a long-time student and contributor to the Lightning Path System of Self Actualization. My Philosophy, Beliefs, and World View are also concisely documented on this site.

You can also see some random information about me, or check out some of my writings.

I also host my personal blog on here, where I write about the piano, ambidexterity, yoga, and software development.

Finally, you can also find information on the software I write on my other website, Kundalini Software, or by checking out my GitHub profile.


The source to some of my cooler open source projects on GitHub can be browsed online using the awesome tool github1s.com

Just For Fun

Finally, if you would like to see a video that I made, please check this out. I made it using my visualization engine, and features me reciting a poem by my favorite poet, Rumi. The video expresses my sentiment when I first got back from India. I hope you will enjoy watching it.

Thanks for visiting; please have a nice day.