I created a simple utilitarian project recently in the form of a TamperMonkey script. So what TamperMonkey? The answer is that it is a that executes a little bit of user-defined Javascript on certain webpages. The script I developed is just a simple way to add some custom links onto every Wikipedia page. As you

Cordova Bluetooth Plugin for the Kundalini Piano Mirror


<this is a draft article, and is not complete> Introduction This post provides some implementation notes on the Cordova Plugin I wrote to interface with the Kundalini Piano Mirror. Complete source code for the plugin is available here: https://github.com/BenjaminPritchard/cordova-plugin-kundalini-piano-bt The Piano Mirror is a Raspberri-PI based device I created which interfaces to a digital piano

Web Programming


These days it seems like all programming is about creating web-apps! For a long time, I sort of resisted this tend, and I tended to think of user-interface-related work as “beneath” me; I was more interested in lower-level type programming for sure. Recently, however, I started to study how modern web browsers work, and I

Form follows function


Abstract This blog post documents the creation of a simple “web-app” for viewing articles from simple.wikipedia and en.wikipedia side-by-side, and expounds on the importance of a “do-it-yourself”-attitude and a “minimalistic-mindset” to the programmer. The finished product described here can be seen at the following URL: https://kundalinisoftware.com/io/wikicompare.html Form Follows Function The phrase “form follows function” comes