I created a simple utilitarian project recently in the form of a TamperMonkey script. So what TamperMonkey? The answer is that it is a that executes a little bit of user-defined Javascript on certain webpages. The script I developed is just a simple way to add some custom links onto every Wikipedia page. As you

Cordova Bluetooth Plugin for the Kundalini Piano Mirror


<this is a draft article, and is not complete> Introduction This post provides some implementation notes on the Cordova Plugin I wrote to interface with the Kundalini Piano Mirror. Complete source code for the plugin is available here: https://github.com/BenjaminPritchard/cordova-plugin-kundalini-piano-bt The Piano Mirror is a Raspberri-PI based device I created which interfaces to a digital piano

Forking a WordPress Plugin


Abstract This article describes the process of forking an existing word press plug-in. Additionally, I document one approach for setting up a development machine to be able to debug and develop .PHP and Javascript programs. This article is coming soon! In meantime, please see the link section below to visit the github repository for this