The Calling

The Calling


I learned to hear God speaking to me when my baby was born.

Like a dream, a baby was there. And her mom said to me, “We will call her Bella.”

A new baby in our house!

I remember the first time. I was holding her. She seemed so little. So delicate.

And I began to call to her.

Where is Bella?” I would say. “Where is my beautiful girl?”

It became a game between us.

Where is Daddy’s beautiful girl?” I would ask her.

And Bella would look up at me, and her smile would say:

Here I am!”

Time passed, and Bella grew and grew. And each day she became more beautiful.

I see her now, and she is a little person. She is no longer a baby, but still I ask her:

Where is the smartest girl?”

Where is my athletic girl?”

Where is Bella, the best dancer that I know?”

Where is my healthy and beautiful girl?

And each time, she is there.

Now the truth is, that as a young man I did many of the wrong things. And eventually I became a person who was not really me. And much sadness came of this.

But eventually, something happened to me. And as if by magic, Bella cameā€¦ and because of her I too started to hear somebody calling to me.

The voice was very subtle. But it was there.

Where is the Ben who is healthy?” it asked.

Where is the one who will come and play with me? Where is the one who will wake up, and will remember to see the world in the original way?”

Where is the one who will see me in the faces of all the people passing by?” the voice asked.

And where is the Ben who can run a marathon?”

Or fly an airplane?”

Where is the real Ben?” the voice asked.

And just like Bella had taught me, I said:

I am here.”

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