The Bursting Dam

A bunch of guys,
who have no clue,
confused and dazed,
by me and you.

Awakening masses,
a global threat,
the future uncertain,
with no sure bet.

What to do?
Which way to go?
Their minds are dams,
but life’s a flow!

So help them, help them,
call them to play!
Anger and hated?
Keep it at bay!

Instead of that,
just try to see,
that death isn’t way
to any destiny.

So just let it go,
and start here fresh,
and don’t demand,
your pound of flesh.

A world of plenty,
a brand new day?
But the leaders too,
have roles to play.

So in your mind,
just see them wake,
to make good decisions,
which are their’s to make.

And once it bursts,
the dam is gone,
then trust us, trust us,
you’ll be no pawn.

So hold on tight,
and want the best,
just don’t forget,
to include the rest.