Lucky Camel Number 3: the Nectar of Devotion

Three camels were waking through the desert, bearing heavy sacks of sugar on their backs which was laced with LSD as part of a covert CIA operation to interfere with a democratic election in the middle east.

The 3 camels trudged along.

The first one was complaining about the state of affairs in the world, pessimistically commenting on western imperialism.

The second camel went on endlessly about religion and philosophy and how to attain an eternal afterlife in heaven someday.

The third camel was not very smart, but was a simple devotee of God… a camel who believed in dutifully offering his labors unto the Lord under the expectation that God would provide him his daily bread.

But at this moment, the 3rd camel was not really thinking about all that.

He was just blissfully enjoying eating the bugs who by some good fortune flew into his mouth after having gorged themselves on the LSD-laced sugar on his back.