Iterations of Ivan


Variations on an original short story, by Benjamin Pritchard Originally Written October, 2019 Part 1 The unwavering high ideals of Ivan, a man who lived in a sewer Thought deformed, blind in one eye, and having a severe hunchback, the man some called Ivan definitely considered himself someone who knew what beauty was. How long he’d lived in

Alone on the Trails at Night


Nightfall. Alone on the trails. Running, lost in thought and the rhythm of my own body. Out of nowhere, blinding pain. A screech. Something attacking, hitting my head. I am stunned. Not sure. Brain racing. What just happened?  Did that really just happen? I am in shock. It happens again. Something swooping down. Claws! Claws in my

The River at Dusk


I wonder, sometimes, what it is that connect us,to who we used to be,other thanfragile memory,often rewrittenor willfully forgot.was it me — or someone else —who was here before?i think i am me now.but i probably thought so then what connects those me’s i cannot say.the answer,it would seem,must lie in the simple wisdomof

The Awakening


The Awakening 1-October-2011 Like everybody else, the boy was struck by the beauty of the woman. His secret pleasure was to hang back and look on as the woman collected the money from the passers by. She was attractive, beautiful almost, but it was the dog that drew them in. After all, how often do

The Calling


The Calling 20-October-2011 I learned to hear God speaking to me when my baby was born. Like a dream, a baby was there. And her mom said to me, “We will call her Bella.” A new baby in our house! I remember the first time. I was holding her. She seemed so little. So delicate.

The Activated Boy


The Activated Boy 13-May-2019 While hobbling around on three legs proved easy enough for the dog, standing on his hind legs and jumping in circles was harder. It could be said that many years had passed. If that was true or not, it is hard to say. A dog’s conception of time is very different

gross, rude, uncalled-for and stupid


topsy turvy, upside down, inside out, and backwords. beaten up, broken down, undernourished, and over fed. overweight, out of shape, unaware? don’t care! head down, eyes closed, over worked, and underpaid. manipulated, lied to, used, abused, and discarded. It all just seems so gross, rude, uncalled-for and stupid.