The Kundalini Connection Platform


The Kundalini Connection Platform is a novel system (or what we would call a Connection Appliance) for gamifying the process of inducing connection and flow experience.

The platform helps you become to more creative while you are working with your computer.

Involuted Video Explanation

The Kundalini Connection Platform

I spend most of my “computer time” working on my websites and doing software development.

Here I am presenting a technique for combining several things together that help induce a connected state which is conducive to creativity, flow, and focus:

  • relaxing music (specifically music featuring Binaural Beats)
  • The Kundalini Smiling Mirror
  • the compositing window manager included with modern versions of Windows

Theoretical Background

The following statements are asserted to be true:

  • Creativity is something that naturally emerges as our body connects to higher than average amounts of consciousness.
  • Smiling has many health benefits, and sets off a cascade of positive physiological changes which are conducive to connection.
  • Gentle music music helps induce the relaxation response, which is also conducive to connection.
  • Geometric patterns and colors tend to stimulate non-verbal creative thinking.


(Note: these steps probably only work for Windows 10)

  1. Download the software WindowTop, which is available here.
  2. Download the Kundalini Smiling Mirror, which is available here.
  3. Download the Van Go Display Engine. (Note: this is currently unavailable; instead of this, #4 below recommends just using pre-generated full screen visuals such as for example from YouTube.)


1. Play some relaxing music that you enjoy. I really like this one:

2. Make sure WindowTop is running on your computer

3. Open The Kundalini Smiling Mirror, stick it in on a convenient place on your screen, and set it to always be on top. As you work, glance at it occasionally; it gamifies smiling by providing visual feedback each time you smile.

4. Play a geometric fractal type pattern full screen, probably in the form of a youtube video, such as:

5. Set the opacity level for the window you are working with (i.e. your word processor, web-browser, etc) so that you can see the visualization behind it.

6. Breath, Smile, Relax, Connect… and CREATE.

Future Development

The idea presented here suggests using pre-rendered background visuals in the form a youtube videos.

The next iteration of this idea will instead utilize a real-time visualization-engine derived from MilkDrop, which I am calling the Van Gogh Display Engine.

Having the visuals generated in real-time opens them to be influenced by metrics calculated by other software components, for example a “smile event” calculated reported by the Kundalini Piano Mirror.

For additional background information, please read about my concept of a Measure-Analyze-Display (MAD) Feedback loop.