Blog Entry, 17-April-2020

It is hard to believe, but we are already into another semester of University of the People, which is an online university that my wife and I attend.

There are five academic terms per year, so we just started Term 4 of the 2019-2020 school year, which started on April 9th.

This semester, I am taking two classes:

This is my 6th term at UoPeople, and I have found studying online a rewarding but very challenging experience. The reason I have found it so challenging is because it takes an incredible amount of self-discipline to stay motivated to keep up with. There is literally nobody “looking over your shoulder” to keep yourself on track. And in my case, I would definitely consider procrastination my biggest challenge. The other major challenge I have encountered are staying focused on a daily basis, and taking time out to actually read the reading assignments.

In general, I’ve found that being productive and motivated to study, write papers, and make forward progress to be incredibly taxing mentally. As a matter of fact, writing in particular is almost mentally PAINFUL to me.

In other news, mostly right now I am watching The Walking Dead on Netflix, which is an amazing show. We have also been watching West World, which I also enjoy, and is available for free right now on Roku.

Gaming wise, we currently have Xbox Pass, and are trying out some Microsoft games.

But so far, our goto game is definitely Grand Theft Auto V, which I think is a masterpiece and definitely the most amazing game I have ever played.

Meta Perspective

I have been exploring the idea of doing Color_Commentary (in the form of either mental narration, or writing) on the mundane events transpiring around myself as a way to increase my engagement with my own life.

I have found that there is often a major disconnect between my ability to do something, and my ability to articulate what I am doing. A perfect example of that is driving somewhere. Often I have found that I have the ability to navigate there, but have no ability to describe in words how to do it.

So I think describing in words events from my own life is a good way to help with this.

Another aspect of this is the fact that I am trying to work on more fully engaging with the things that I do in life. A good example of that is the shows I watch, where I am trying to work on consuming them in a more active (as opposed to passive) way. Examples of that include: learning characters names, learning actor’s names, and being able to intelligently restate (or write about) the contents of plots of the shows.