Benny Does It All

My belief is that our lives are the canvas that our souls paint on, that we have the ability to use our experiences as inspiration for further creative endeavors. This process is referred to as involution: consciousness folding in on itself .

Benjamin Pritchard, 2019

In highly connected states of mind, our life — even with all its ups and downs — starts to appear as unfolding with a higher level order than can easily be perceived from normal consciousness.

Additionally, it also becomes apparent that we are able to recapitulate the creative designs of higher consciousness — our own life experiences — by using them as sources of inspiration for our subsequent creative works. This is often referred to as involution, which is the process of consciousness folding in on itself, a process that is captured visually in the beautiful image of the oroborous

(This process can be seen in a striking way in the music of the Beatles, whose lives served as the inspiration for their music oeuvre.)

In my case, I am starting to work on a multimedia composition — which you can see below — that consists of short video clips from my life.

The raison d’ĂȘtre of my composition is to document my ongoing process of development.

The inspiration for this project came to me several years ago, and my vision is to eventually be at the point where I can take on new challenges each month. (Examples of the types of things that I have in mind to learn would be: learning to do a rubik’s cube, training to be able to do ten pull ups, learning to recite Goethe in German, etc.)” 

The moments captured in these videos — drawn from my life experience — serve as the elements from which I now compose this composition; I call it Benny Does it All.

Benny Does it All