Ambidexterity Coaching

Ambidexterity is the ability to use both hands equally well — or at least to use one’s non-dominant hand (or foot!) with some level of proficiency.

Being ambidextrous provides many advantages in life because it makes both your brain and your body more balanced and developed.

Everybody has two sides to their brain: a left side, and a right side. Additionally, each side controls the opposite side of the body.

Each side of the brain is called a hemisphere.

In a typical person, one hemisphere of their brain is more developed and dominant than the other. Because of this, the side of their body controlled by their non-dominant hemisphere tends to be under-utilized, and thus under-developed.

Additionally, each hemisphere of the brain tends to think and perceive in a different style.

The left hemisphere is often associated with a linear, logical, “see the trees”-type thinking.

Conversely, the right hemisphere is often associated with holistic, artistic, “see the forest”-type thinking.

Achieving ambidexterity, therefore, is the holy-grail of brain development because it allows us to see “both the forest and the trees.”

Additionally, it also provides a huge competitive advantage in sports, because we can use both sides of our body equally.

About Me

I have had long-time interest in ambidexterity, which I think may have started when I was in fourth grade and broke my right wrist, an accident that caused me to have to start writing everything with my left hand!

My interest in the subject continued through-out my life, and was augmented by my interest in Leonardo Da Vinci (who wrote in mirror-image in his notebooks), playing the piano, and practicing yoga.

Additionally, I developed my own ambidexterity training system to help people learn to use both hands equally.


I am very passionate about sharing the life-changing gift of ambidexterity with others.

Please contact me for additional information, or to arrange for us to work together in person.