Note that this page is currently under construction, and isn’t populated with any video content. Over time I want to post some videos of me acting out the personas I list below.

I have always been interested in the Method acting technique as developed by the great Russian actor and director Konstantin Stanislavski.

My understanding of the Stanislavski method is for an actor to sort of “become the character”, sort of like Jim Carrey becoming Andy Kaufman, or even Marshal Mathews becoming (“invoking”) Eminem.

Along these lines, I am working on developing some characters that I can invoke (i.e. portray) in the short videos I am shooting for my vlog.


  • Dr Ben – A character inspired by Dr. J, Dr. Ben is a basketball star who plays with all heart, loves the game above all us, selflessly gives all credit to “his team”, and dazzles people with his natural ability to dribble and shoot with both hands. Dr. Ben displays a high degree of self-confidence, always plays the point guard position, is a natural leader, and exhibits extreme social intelligence.
  • Dr Ben Crazy: a Hunter S. Thompson-inspired citizen journalist, loves to drink and do drugs, has a very anti-authoritarian attitude. Can be wild and crazy. If nothing else, we can definitely say: this guy loves to party!
  • Aparajeet – A mystic in the truest sense. Interested only in theology and consciousness. Has difficulty (and no real interest in) functioning in any type of grounded or structured fashion. Full name is Krsna Aparajeet Indra Istari Kundalini Agni , which can be roughly translated as “The undefeated wander who blows like the wind, bringing with him the divine fire.” Channels higher consciousness easily, sees God everywhere, and believes Krishna alone to be real.
  • Yogi Ben Ji – A lover (and teacher) of yoga, in the truest sense. A graduate of the Nada School of Yoga in Rishikesh, sometimes calls himself “Krishna Das”. Gentle, humble.
  • Reekin Van NoodleGoonin – a jerky-boys inspired character who loves gags, prank calls and mischief. Has the mentality of a 15-year old.
  • Benny P: a wanna be musician and actor, a card carrying Hari Krishna, acts like a rock-star, embodies creativity, lives to make art, smoke pot, play music, and “be himself”