Home during time of coronavirus

I have been home for the past two weeks, while on an extended spring break. It has been a grounding and restful experience, while obviously being stressful as the coronavirus has spread globally.

(As an aside, my thoughts and prayers go out to people everywhere who are being effected by this.)

One interesting development is that Gina and Michael have launched an official Lightning Path podcast.

So I took that opportunity to update the Lightning Path Alexa skill to be able to play the new podcast content.

In another development, I also created a cron job recently on the Kundalini Software server to help Michael track which SpiritWiki pages contain terms that need updated.


Below I posted an excerpt of the Python script that generates the page above. Additionally, I will also try to remember later to write a better explanation about it (for my programming series.)

while (not done):

    req = PARAMS.copy()

    result = S.get(url=URL, params=req)
    DATA = result.json()

    for i in DATA['query']['categorymembers']:
        if (SpiritWikiPageContainsBlockQuote(i['pageid'])):
            i = 1 #do nothing
            # URL needs updated
            urlToPrint = 'https://spiritwiki.lightningpath.org/index.php/' + i['title']
            if (lastIDIsDraft):
                #put a * next to any article that is draft only
                f.write('<li><a href="' + urlToPrint + '">' + i['title'] + '</a>*</li>\n')                
                f.write('<li><a href="' + urlToPrint + '">' + i['title'] + '</a></li>\n')
    if 'continue' in DATA:
        lastContinue = DATA['continue']
        done = True

The next major thing on my agenda is to rewrite the Lightning Path apps using a cross-plaform programming language, so that I can target both IOS and Android. For this purpose, I have chosen Microsoft Xamarin.